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“THE” dress

Now i have not been one of those girls that has always dreamt of her big white wedding  and had it all planned out in my head ready for the day my knight in shinning whisks me off my feet.I suppose just in case it never happens it kind of gets locked in the back of mind only to surface should the need ever arrive…. well it did arrive and as soon as i got my ring on my finger i did let my mind run kinda riot with all wedding thoughts.

One of those thoughts was about what style of dress i would choose??? Now i am quite a girlie girl, bit like a magpie loving anything shiny and sparkly, always loved dresses, make up and love high heels ( i cant actually walk far in flats due to always being in heels)

My sparkly wedding shoes!

As i thought about it the visions i had in my head were of BIG princess style dresses ( gypsy weddings eat your heart out), lots of sparkle and big full skirt, you know the sort, where your dad can not fit down the aisle with you because your dress takes it all up 🙂 ok maybe i am slightly exagerating but you get the jist!big and princessy!

As people start asking you what style of dress i was going to choose the more and more i started to think about it and the more scared i got, there is so much fabulous choice out there , but what if they all looked awful on me?? The thought started to fill me with dread, would i find a beautiful dress yet still look like a sack of spuds, it happens with most clothes on the high street , why would a wedding dress be any different??

I am quite a headstrong girl, i know what i like and i know what i dont so i knew this would be a choice i would probably make while i was on my own.

I was on a day off work and pottering around town and happened to walk past a bridal shop , i decided to pop in and just look at some dresses to get an idea of what kind of styles there were out there, i never really looked at ones via the internet because for me i need to see them in the flesh and touch them to be able to form an opinion of them.As i was browsing the vast array of silks, taffeta and tulle the shop assistant came and asked if i would like to try any on, i felt myself go bright red and hot at the meer thought of it, i heard the words yes ok then come out of my mouth! in my head i was saying omg omg omg im trying on a wedding dress!!

The assistant walked around with me pulling out various different styles for me to try, i wanted to try on very diferent dresses so i could form an opinion on which suited my shape the best. Into the changing room we went, first up was the kind of dress i had in my head, full skirt, fitted bodice, we got it on and laced up, it looked ok in the mirror , the assistant pulled the curtains back so i could walk out and look in the fuller mirror, as i tried to walk i tripped on the front of the dress nearly falling flat on my face, that was the moment i realised the BIG dress was not for me 🙂

After trying on a couple more dresses which looked nice but i was waiting for this “the one” feeling that i had heard so much about. As i slipped on the final dress and looked in the mirror i had to hold back a squeal, i LOVED it! i most deffinately had “the one ” feeling, i went out into the shop and swooshed about, there were some other people in the shop and they were all aahhh ing and ooohh ing over me in my dress, yes i had already decided it was MY dress.

I left the shop kiddy with excitement, i had found my dress and i think i looked nice in it yay!!

I arranged for bridesmaids and my mum and mother in law to be to come down and get their seal of approval before actually making the purchase, when i came out in my dress they all loved it, my mum and sister looked really pleased with my choice quickly taking pics of me in it.

I left the shop that day the proud owner of a ……. nah i cant tell you it would spoil the surprise , i will just say it was sparkly, pretty and not big in any way!!!


Now to choose a venue…

When we first got engaged we talked about not getting married until summer 2012 to give us time to save enough money and still be able to have some kind of social life , at the time i was fine with this but as the weeks went by and the tick of my little body clock kept getting louder i really wanted to push for a 2011 wedding.

After a few weeks of telling the other half he didn’t want to be looking at our wedding pictures with me all old and wrinkly(maybe a little strong but hey it worked) he relented , we worked out our finances set our budget then started planning our 2011 wedding day.Of course this has meant no social life for the last few months but we will get our day our way( just at my time) at the end of it!

We both knew from the start we wanted a summer wedding and with some of Darren’s family working in schools it had to fall in the summer holidays as we had already decided we wanted a friday wedding so that we could prolong our wedding weekend for as long as possible.As we are both not particularly religious we both wanted a civil ceremony too.

So we knew the year, the season and the budget, all we needed now was the venue.

I thought finding the venue would be pretty plain sailing if im honest, we live in Kent where there are many beautiful buildings and places  it is the garden of England after all.For weeks we trawled through the internet and magazines trying to find suitable places, I didn’t think our wish list was too long, a stately home kind of look , nice gardens and exclusive use, not too much right??

The only thing we could find was about 15 minutes away from home but it had no accommodation and as most of our guests would be travelling we totally discounted it and broadened our search taking in Surrey and even Essex, this threw up a few options that we went to see but upon viewing them just knew they were not for us, one looked beautiful from the outside but once in could have been any hotel function room,another was an old school that also looked fab from the outside but once in felt like you were in the school dinning room (which you were) aaarrrggghhhhh would we ever find the place 😦

We went to see a new venue in Surrey that had been recently refurbished, it was  stunning venue really did take your breath away, we ran around like kids imagining our day there.We went home and called Darren’s parents to get them to come and look to, they liked it all looked promising 🙂 Then lots of doubts started creeping in, it was a very big venue would we feel lost in it? The food in an affordable package did not sound appealing,to be fair basic, there did not seem to be any flexibility with the venue on timings and you were not allowed there on the day till 10am,quite late if getting ready there , the thing that totally changed our mind was how totally impersonal it seemed, everything was done via web or calling a central office, if i am holding the most important day of my life there i want to feel as though it matters to them too!

So twas back to the drawing board 😦

For some reason we decided to have a look at the local wedding venue thinking nothing ventured nothing gained!

Once you turned into the 20 acre walled grounds you could see Bradbourne House was beautiful.

The wedding consultant Sharon Page could not have made you feel more welcome and could not do enough to help, we walked around the grounds and the house several times, talking about what we would do, what could go where and practising walking down the aisle he he

This is the main hall where we shall be getting married ( just in front of the end doors) and having our wedding breakfast.

This is the back hall which could be used for photos if it rains! ( please don’t let it rain, please don’t let it rain)

The gorgeous lake in the grounds, hopefully there will be no children jumping in eek, although i could do a trash the dress shoot on the same day ???? hhhmmmm

I hope you enjoyed a little look at our venue choice, i decided not to name and show the places that we didnt choose because while they were not right for us they may be perfect for someone else and would hate to put people off.

Being whisked away…….

 Here goes, my first attempt….

Well as this is mainly going to be talking about our wedding i thought i might as well start at the beginning, the big drop down on one knee declaring everlasting love moment!

Darren and I were on a weeks holiday from work, we had nothing planned just a bit of pottering around the house….or so i thought…..

While sitting on the sofa having my first cuppa of the day he decided to tell me to go pack an over night bag , slightly confused but just thinking it was because i was sat there with a moody look on my face because i was bored i went and packed my bag.

We drove for miles and miles and blinking hours, despite numerous attempts to get him to tell me where we were going he would not cave in and tell Humph .Finally we arrived at a hotel not far from Leeds and oh my gosh what a beautiful place we arrived at!

Goldsborough Hall is a gorgeous hotel set in beautiful surroundings, it truely is perfect getaway.We were the only people staying at the hotel that night, it is only a small intimate place which made it feel extra special. Went we got up to our room this was our bed, i think you will agree it was mahoosive


Still non the wiser and just thinking he was being very thoughtful i went to go and try out the BIG whirlpool bath before going out for something to eat, after sprucing ourselves up and just about to go through the door Darren comes up to me and asks if i want some more jewellery to wear and proceeds to pop THE ring on my finger! I can not tell you how shocked, delighted, flabergasted i was , there was no down on one knee no words of everlasting love instead it was just perfect for us .

My beautiful ring that he designed himself x

i promise to take a better photo for you to show it off properly x

Well there goes my first ever go at anything like this, please be kind 🙂