Hi and welcome to my musings.
I’m Leza a 29+3 ( not touchy about my age at all) year old soon to be bride eek!!!

I am marrying my partner Darren on the 29th July 2011 and can’t wait.

Darren and i have been together for just over 3 years after meeting via an email!! sounds so very lonely hearts but i swear it wasnt, not that of course there is anything wrong with that. We both worked for the same company but in different parts of the country, he nagged me for some information then ended up chatting non stop for a few months before finally meeting and the rest as they say is history 🙂

I am originally from Shropshire while Darren is from Hertfordshire so someone had to move , we decided to make it a new start for both of us and bought a house in Kent which i love apart from missing my family and friends obviously.

I somehow managed to fall into working into the newstrade from 18 years old and have remained there ever since, starting off in customer services then luckly with the move down south, being offered the circulation managers job at Express newspapers which is where i still am today .

well enough about me, i hope you enjoy my blogging!


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