Being whisked away…….

 Here goes, my first attempt….

Well as this is mainly going to be talking about our wedding i thought i might as well start at the beginning, the big drop down on one knee declaring everlasting love moment!

Darren and I were on a weeks holiday from work, we had nothing planned just a bit of pottering around the house….or so i thought…..

While sitting on the sofa having my first cuppa of the day he decided to tell me to go pack an over night bag , slightly confused but just thinking it was because i was sat there with a moody look on my face because i was bored i went and packed my bag.

We drove for miles and miles and blinking hours, despite numerous attempts to get him to tell me where we were going he would not cave in and tell Humph .Finally we arrived at a hotel not far from Leeds and oh my gosh what a beautiful place we arrived at!

Goldsborough Hall is a gorgeous hotel set in beautiful surroundings, it truely is perfect getaway.We were the only people staying at the hotel that night, it is only a small intimate place which made it feel extra special. Went we got up to our room this was our bed, i think you will agree it was mahoosive


Still non the wiser and just thinking he was being very thoughtful i went to go and try out the BIG whirlpool bath before going out for something to eat, after sprucing ourselves up and just about to go through the door Darren comes up to me and asks if i want some more jewellery to wear and proceeds to pop THE ring on my finger! I can not tell you how shocked, delighted, flabergasted i was , there was no down on one knee no words of everlasting love instead it was just perfect for us .

My beautiful ring that he designed himself x

i promise to take a better photo for you to show it off properly x

Well there goes my first ever go at anything like this, please be kind 🙂


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